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Self Reliance - Sustainability 

Green Architecture 

Imagine if every rooftop in the world had solar panels for electricity and for hot water, imagine that all rain runoff from these roofs was diverted through a basic filter, collected, and used to water the garden.  How about a couple of small wind generation units on each house to supplement the solar?  Next, what if every home re-used its grey water, (water from the sink and showers, soapy water, etc.) and used this grey water to run the toilets?  Most homes flush 50-70% of the potable water down the toilet.  Can you imagine the difference it would make if everyone used hyper-efficient appliances?  In fact, why would anyone use anything other than the most efficient appliances available to them?  Why indeed.  I am not as focused on the problem, as I am on the solution.  I try to stay solution minded rather than problem oriented, it makes a big difference in my attitude and it keeps me moving in the right direction.  Clean water and clean air are more valuable than oil and gold.  Some simple adjustments could have a profound impact on our planet.  I am as passionate about this as I am about anything.  We have all heard about “THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL” and it all starts with the individual choice to Act, to actually do something different and to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.  When one thinks about the fuel crisis, natural resource depletion and global warming, these problems seem monumental to us, these problems are so severe and overwhelming that many people become frozen.  Some where in the back of our heads, many of us are looking toward the government to “fix it”.  Why do we have to wait for our government to enforce environmental changes?  By then, things will be inevitably worse than they are now.  Government does hold the answer, but not the answer that we are looking for.  Government, (as far as I am concerned) begins with SELF GOVERNANCE.  Are we, as individuals pursuing our own standards of personal excellence?  -It is a constant challenge to do your best and some days your best will be different than others.  Either way, unless you decide to actively pursue your personal best, you will never truly come to understand your potential and thus never come close to achieving it.  Everyone has the ability to do amazing, phenomenal things with their life, everyone.  A thousand mile journey begins with a single step.     Since the beginning, we have paid close attention to “Green” architectural hygiene with regards to our home and our training facilities and with our vehicles.  I know that the energy we save and the actual effect that we have on humanities global carbon footprint is like grains of sand on a beach.  It will never make much of a difference if only a few people make changes and yet a few people can effect incredible change by leading others to action.  Luckily for us, it’s not just a few, there is a shift going on within our culture, a movement in the right direction.  One needs not look far for information and resources regarding the topic, it’s all there for you, online, at the library, and at the magazine rack.  To make things even easier for you, I have listed below an excellent cross section of resources for you to check into, now your have no excuse!  Do SOMETHING differently.  If you like what you are reading about, send some links to a friend.  Take a minute to contemplate the value that you place on your life here on earth, then on low much LIFE AND EARTH mean to you.  The earth sustains humanity and humanity sustains us as individuals, we spend our childhoods being cared for, we consume at a phenomenal rate.  At some point in our lives we must “distill principles and refine technique”.  We have to reflect our energy back into the earth and humanity, we have to give back.  When it’s all said and done, it’s all about we have done with this spark, what we have done with our short time on Earth. We are committed to the highest standards of environmental & architectural “hygiene”, & are equally as committed to bringing this with us, on a global level, starting in some of the places that need it the most. In the meantime, we all live here and our kids live here too. 

It's time to make our homes sustainable , one rooftop at a time ......... Here , and Now . . . .