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Welcome ! ! ! , your head is in the game , your eyes are opening, and you are 'Waking up"  to the pursuit of truth and thrivalist culture ! ! ! = ) Now that our minds are in the right place (and more importantly , our hearts and souls;) , we are seeking the cleanest , truest path to synergy , breakthrough , growth , and transformation. The next question is whats next , where do we start ? Let's start with the truck that's parked on your foot , and work our way down the list of constraints . Before we enter into a list of things that will cause us to thrive , let's take a hard look at what is actually causing us harm. 
It's time to make a detox checklist .

Not everything on this list is bad on it's own, but too much of anything can become a major issue , let's take a look : 
CELL PHONE & TECH ADDICTION , Alcohol, drugs, illicit, pharmaceutical , psychotropic, cigarettes , tobacco , nicotine, coffee - caffeine, energy drinks , Toxic cleaning products, Toxic soap, cosmetics and toiletries,  JUNK FOOD , JUNK TV , JUNK NEWS, JUNK THOUGHTS , ANGER , NOISE, ***TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS*** .......... The List GOES ON & it's growing everyday , all around us .. We have to take a proactive approach to identifying and eliminating these elements from our lives in order to create and then surround ourselves with an environment conducive to beauty , truth , harmony , and synergy ... We must surgically excise these elements that are HURTING us and causing real and actual damage before we can truly thrive . Next comes a hard part, it's simple, but this isn't easy : We have to take a realistic stance toward this clear and present TRUTH:  If these things are hurting us , and it's NOT O.K, then not only do we need to let these things go , but we have to begin to come to terms with letting go of "friends" and associates who are still caught up with these toxic elements in that their energy is drastically effected by their "addictions" and cannot help but effect us also . Pretty simple concept , clean up your list and clean up your list of "filters" regarding what type of people and energy you are surrounding yourself with .. SIMPLE , but far From EASY . . .  If you smoke , lets first look at why? , and when did it start ? let's go deep and wide on that , heal the initial pain, and get right into immediate action in changing the behavior . Some are not ready to quit smoking , that's fine , let's start with detox drinks and superfoods that will help them to motivate into better decisions throughout the day , maybe some yoga and to begin taking long walks / hikes , - as the hikes kick in , so will their relationship to wanting to breathe and they may soon build up the strength to face quitting smoking and set a date . Then , We Count DOWN-  5,4,3,2,1, and launch into it . We must first change the action / behavior ,then the Thoughts and Feelings will follow. We DO NOT "SIT DOWN THERAPY" ABOUT THIS FOR YEARS !!!!  The Time to get into real change and breakthrough is RIGHT HERE , AND RIGHT NOW .  THEN, you can talk about REAL RESULTS with your therapist for as long as you want , but I get real results regarding whatever we are getting into , on day one , period, and if not , then I will pay YOU My fee.. Any pro who doesn't make real things happen as they go isn't worth the price of their chow and needs to sit on their hands and take notes ... Detox is a continuing discipline.  As we eliminate the major constraints , then lesser ones become just as important to us , for instance - I avert my gaze from billboards, from allowing my recognition software to look at labels and logos that are of no use to me , these things add up and are pushed into our consciousness constantly , Learn to avert your gaze from these and use your peripheral vision... If something doesn't help cause you to thrive, promote synergy ,  breakthrough, growth , or emit truth and beauty, be careful about allowing it anywhere near your circle. Let the people who you care about know that you are no longer available for scattered , unfocused, chaotic, stressful or negative conversation, and that conversely - you are ONLY available for interchange that promotes growth , transformation, healing, and synergy. Let them know to put their cell phone AWAY when you are with them in conversation or at the table , and to breathe and smile . Let them know not to take it personally when you excuse yourself from something because "the energy doesn't feel good" , they will either get the point or not . Lead, follow , or get the F%@ck out of the way . Pursue PURITY and guard it with your life . I am not an elitist , I am a PURIST and I pursue elite standards and set a bar way beyond myself . The bar is oneness with nature and "Source" , pursue it like your life depends on it , because it does . DETOX & THRIVE.

Cell Phones - Tech - & Social Media Addiction


JUNK Media - News - Entertainment 

TOXIC Cosmetics & Products - "Tested on Animals" 

TOXIC Household & Cleaning Products 

Substance Abuse & Addiction  - Recovery 

Gambling Addiction 

Disorganization , Clutter , and Hoarding 

Pornography , Masturbation , and Sexual Dysfunction