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Missions & Vision

My "Why" ?  : I couldn't bring it down to a more pure and simple form than Simon Sinek does , and we all know that " The truth is rarely pure, and never simple" - Oscar Wilde ...  

Simon NAILS it : the Why is this -

"I want to inspire other people to do what inspires them, so that together we can make the world a better place "  

My "why" is aligned with that of David Sandoval co-founder of Purium , - " To end human suffering and to restore balance with nature "  

My " Why" is to provide my children and all others who may seek, a template and a curriculum that may be used to help truly guide them , and assist them in guiding others ,  in their path and pursuit of their own personal unique potentials , with standards of personal excellence " 

    I came to say a word and I shall say it now. But if death prevents me, it will be said by Tomorrow, for Tomorrow never leaves a secret in the book of Eternity. 

    I came to live in the glory of Love and the light of Beauty, which are the reflections of God. I am here , living, and I cannot be exiled from the domain of life, for through my living word I will live in death.

    I came here to be for all and with all, and what I do today in my solitude will be echoed Tomorrow by the multitude. 

    What I say now with one heart will be said Tomorrow by thousands of hearts.  

                                                                                                                                                              - Kahlil Gibran