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(it's) ABOUT (Time;)

Breathe... , Feel... , THINK ..
You KNOW that there is more to this picture than meets the eye, be fearless and brave, you are just waking up. Brace yourself, this is gonna hurt like hell.. 
Please know that You are not alone.
We are all in this together.. All one 
The truth is the truth. We all have different perspectives, opinions, and interpretations of it , but in the end, the truth is the truth. 
Truth is an elective class, which is not for everyone, nor should it be.
One must seek the truth actively and on their own.
Truth cannot be given to us, that would just be someone else’s version of it.
Even if we feel that someones opinion is dead on, we must first search, then “re-search” actively, and on our own, in order to formulate our OWN opinion or interpretation.
We must pursue this actively, tirelessly, and aggressively , like a relentless detective, for at the end of the day , what is more important ?
Avoidance of the truth comes from ignorance, fear, hate, apathy, cowardice, and denial. 
Avoidance of the truth is complicity in lies…
The truth is extreme, to make it moderate, to water it down, is a lie.
To pick and choose pieces of the truth that are within our comfort zones is to lie.
You won’t find the whole truth on FOX news or CNN, for that , you will have to dig a little deeper.
Each piece of information is like a jigsaw piece, multifaceted and connecting directly to others, each question and answer , leads to more questions and answers, so to stop at one question or answer is to ignore the bigger picture, or the next steps..
One must go all the way down the rabbit hole, and learn as much as they can about the real truth of our lives and times, the most important and relevant information regarding this epic juncture in the trajectory of life on earth as we know it , after all , we live here, now.
Do not seek distraction , do not actively avoid it or put this off, to do so is to look for a patch of sand to bury your head in.
In order to have your head in the sand, you must first have to be on your knees.
Who, if not you , will seek the truth for those on the other side of injustice, oppression, or human rights violation?
Who will speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves?
Who will speak up for the plants, animals, oceans and skies?
For our own children and grandchildren?
To participate in the lie is complicit. You will be treated as such, as an active part of the problem, complicit, and cancerous to the earth.
We are all one, all connected, above race, religion, and politics, - we are all earthlings, and we are absolutely all in this together.
Lead, Follow, or get the fuck out of the way.
Walk your talk, and lead from the front.

Use "The Force" , and do it right . Channel "Source" in all that you DO. You are responsible for your own education, your real, true education, - no one else is.
By now most of us know that we weren't given the whole story in school or through main stream media. Education doesn’t end when you finish school. Most education systems do not teach us to think critically and for ourselves.
We are at an epic juncture in history, at the possible brink of the sixth mass extinction. Live each day with love and gratitude. 
We are also at the brink of a mass awakening. 
Even if its too late to change the course of certain events, even if there are certain necessary , terrifying truths that cannot be changed or prevented, to fully experience this is our duty, our right, and our obligation. We owe back.
At this point the truth is being played out right in front of our faces on a grand scale never seen before,  and in epic proportions.
What are we going to tell our children and grandchildren who will have to live with the consequences of the choices that we make today ?, - that we pushed everything off as far as we could, for as long as we could, as hard as we could, just to remain in our comfort zones?!
As far as comfort zones go, at this rate , we will die in them, and for most of the earths inhabitants, they have never even experienced a comfort zone , that's a western thing…
If you sold your soul for your comfort zone, then die in it ..
The truth is not black white or brown, we are all one.
The truth is not Muslim, Christian, or Jewish.. 
Everything is connected under one universal law, a ‘oneness’ .. , singularity. 
The illusion of separation is a man made phenomenon.
The truth is not left, right, democrat, republican, socialist, anarchist, communist or green.
( although it is pretty much green and blue from space ; )  
We are all earthlings! - Imagine in the event of a false flag alien attack how fast we would all recognize ourselves as one race, one people , and we would all band together, we always do during catastrophic events , because I believe , that inherently, we are all good and at our core, we are full of love , - the only truth that really matters.. one race, one people, one Source. . .

For those of us who have truly been kept away from the truth, blinded and hypnotized for our entire lives, there is a grace period with regards to our personal responsibility.
But for those of us who have been exposed to some of these “jigsaw pieces” and have consciously rejected the truth in exchange for comfort zone, hate, cognitive dissonance or blind belief, as an adult, there is no excuse, you are complicit.
In this age of information, ignorance is a choice that will no longer be tolerated.
We have every piece of information available to the “common” people, available at our fingertips, on this device that is in our hands or on our laps, right now, one that is built using child labor , in factories with suicide nets, and so I ask , what are we doing with this enormous wealth of knowledge and information? Knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom requires time and experience and even then it is not guaranteed without a proper perspective and moral compass. 
To my family and friends, and to those who may consider me a friend: This applies doubly so to you, if you are not actively engaged in this mass awakening by now, then to me, you are a cancer on the earth. If you are still asleep we will still fight for you, but know , that you ARE THE PROBLEM just as much as the “evildoers” that have created this “matrix”.

Truth on its own without action is only the first step, and on its own, its not enough.
We must respond to the truth with actions, skill sets, and lifestyle choices.
Clicking “like” on Facebook about some noble cause means nothing without acting on it.
“Face book activists” who do not make corresponding lifestyle changes toward growth, self reliance, and sustainability are simply complaining or following trends.
“AWAKE” is the new sexy, I get it … TOTALLY ; ) 
How many of us who consider ourselves to be awake and aware, or "mindful" are really living it, at all?
If you protest corporations like Monsanto or Nestle’ by spending whole paychecks at whole foods buying produce shipped from big industrial farms, thousands of miles away, on diesel trains and trucks, rather than at a local farmers markets then you really don't get it … 
If we are going to protest fossil fuels, big pharma, commercial livestock farming and agriculture, GMO, and debt based fiat currency, then we must first ADAPT and EVOLVE to a place where we can live without it.
This been done before, that’s where we come from, we have already mastered this, what we are experiencing now is a literal “DE-VOLUTION” of most of our species… We have mastery inside of each and every one of us, here, and now, we just need to remember who we really are and understand our true nature, our purpose is to love, and to care for this planet, to give back and to make things better. We need a mindset of stewardship, not ownership when it comes to planet earth and to our universe..

People have lived and died to progress , step by step, in infinite directions, for lifetimes, for thousands upon thousands of years in order to bring each generation even closer to mastery and balance, and now, we have this MASSIVE wealth and treasury of knowledge and power at our fingertips, literally. 
What are we doing to take this in, to put our own sacred touch on to it, and then to reflect it back? - this is EVERYTHING. This is how life progresses and evolves in accordance with Universal Law. Unless we reflect back and connect the dots, then we are just spectators and consumers who burn more resources on the day that we are born then we can give back to the planet on even our best days . 
WE OWE BACK, HARD, for the resources and past lives that have gone into our own lives, we , owe, back, energetically, for this time here on Earth and for this spark. 
Distill principles and refine technique.
Great men and women have dedicated LIFETIMES to creating masterworks and breakthroughs in science, technology, art, literature, culture and philosophy, the list goes on..
Some have sacrificed their creative potential to work in factories, on farms, to die in useless wars, for the common good of future generations, well the future is now, it is here, it is us.
What is our personal contribution of effective work for a worthy cause? 
What is sacred to us ? - and how do we reflect that in our lives, in our actions, and in our energetic imprints in everything around us?
We owe back, this will make all of the difference to us on our deathbeds, whether or not we left something good behind that will last,  will reflect,  and will reverberate back out in a positive way.
I will say it again, we owe back , hard…
Its time to occupy the present, here, now…

It's Time. . . 

Roland Fox 

Visionary - Teachers teacher - Transcendental Leader

Shatters years of political and religious indoctrination, brainwashing, programming, in minutes.

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