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Teaching You to THRIVE - End Human Suffering - Restore Balance With Nature 

Start with WHY ?



The Curriculum


Meditate - Get Your Mind Right


Superfoods - Nutrition

Health is wealth

Master your movement

Security & Personal Protection

Canine and Equine 


Sea, Air, and Land

Preparedness & Self Reliance 


Wisdom Teachings & Philosophy

Esoteric and Occult Sciences


Missions & VISION

My Mission is to provide a curriculum that will help any one , at any age or education level , to THRIVE and to HELP OTHERS to find and pursue their own individual unique potentials with standards of personal excellence . 

This , is the curriculum that they didn't teach you at home , and that they don't , & Won't teach in schools. 

This is MY classroom and I am sharing MY BEST with you at all times, this "curriculum" is One Million Percent Bombproof & guaranteed to lead to  breakthrough , transformation, and to teach you how to THRIVE ! 

Transcendental Leadership -Transformational Psychology 

Experiential Education and Coaching 

Instinctual Guidance - Personal Training - Energy and Light Work 

Personal - Couples -Family


Transcendental Leadership Transformational Psychology 

Experiential Education

Action & Skillset Based Curriculum 

Instinctual Guidance & Consulting  

Master Lifecoach and Personal Trainer  

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